From the first day of establishment Ansata Web Group aimed to be reliable company able to meet even most sophisticated requirements. We have paid lots of efforts to set up solid basement and constantly improved our services along with client relationships. Those efforts resulted in win-win cooperation with wrold-famous AAA companies such as Procter&Gamble, Nokia, Samsung, General Motors, BestBuy and others. Check out most interesting cases below.


NOKIA is a well-known mobile devices brand. We have empowered them with unique product advisory solutions which resulted in dramatic sales increase.

Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble is one of the worldwide Fortune 500 companies.  We help their departments to create locale-specific online promotion solutions wich spread the word and help grabbing attenton of customers all over the world.


Samsung electronics produces many consumer devvices that need to be presented to  the wide audience. Our professionals do a great job on creating wide variety of interactive web content for them.

Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard produces wide variety of consumer electronics. Our professionals created large amount of online applications designated to spread the word about their products around the internet.

General Motors

General Motors is the world's second-largest automaker. Company pays lots of attention to emerge new markets all over the world. Our company in cooperation with Digitas digital agency helped to promote their Chevrolet Aveo5 vehicle in arabic countries by creating rich social-oriented promotional solution, which became the corner stone of 2008 advertising campaign.


iGoDigital is among top 500 fastest growing comapnies in USA. They specialize on creating intelligent on-demand solutions that guide online retail. Today company is one of our top clients. Our professionals help iGoDigital to build rich applications powered by their online customer intelligence solutions.

Peak Systems

Peak Sytems is an American company which provides solutions for online businesses. Our professionals helped Peak to produce many solutions based on our large-scale e-commerce tools and practices.


Tri-Mountain is one of the largest USA Wholesale Suppliers of imprintable apparel. Large part of the company business is concentrated around online products distribution. Our professionals built up e-commerce solution for them, automated and seamlessly integrated new software and procedures into already established corporate ecosystem and business-processes.

Ets Express

ETS Express is another USA online wholesaler who used our services to optimize their online presence. Company is operating since 1986 and constantly introduces new high-quality products to the market.