Ansata Web Group provides high quality services realted to e-commerce, corporate and web solutions development. We help our clients to obtain quick reliable web presence tightly integrated to already established business processes and well-suited to business needs of any kind. 

Our experienced team will provide you with extremely efficient and realiable services of four main categories:
- Large scale e-commerce solutions
- Custom website development
- Rich interactive applications and content creation
- Corporate software solutions development and integration
We also offer following additional services:
- Website mobilization
- Ongoing support and content management
- Automation of business processes and content management
- Offshore outsourcing/outstaffing and quality assurance


Large scale e-commerce solutions


There are many existing solutions designed to work with single internet store and serving relatively small amount of small customers. However situation drastically changes when there is a need to deal with resellers, huge amount of clients or keep e-store data synchronized within large organization. Usually developing acceptable solution takes lots of resources resulting in building every small thing from scratch and adding serious structural changes to the internal company processes. Ansata Web Group team developed a set of  tools which allow us to quickly resolve most of large scale e-commerce problems in a standrtized and convenient way, while keeping all the hassles and risks at a low level.

Custom website development


Amount of information around the internet grows exponentially every day. So does the amount of websites and average websites powered by standard CMS become inefficient. However, custom well-tuned solutions developed with community needs in mind are not affected by this trend. Take a look at ebay, amazon, facebook or twitter. All these websites were created with heart-minded clever people who analyzed each small detail and figured out ones important to website visitors and clients. Outstanding success requires many unique skills and solid basement from the first days of the development. There are not so many companies able to meet such a high requirements and luckily Ansata is one of those who can. Our team had been polishing up website development skills through the years and we know how to achieve the same results as those mentioned above.


Rich interactive applications and content creation


Every day thousands of businesses are looking for ways to attract new customers and impress them. A while ago newspaper and TV commercials offered first ways to reach and impress wide audience and so does the internet today. Rich interactive applications allows to bring customer impression to the next level and by so spread the word about your company and products around the internet in a relatively cheap and effective manner. Our developers and designers will help you to create visually appealing rich interactive applications of any complexity and kind, including games, promotional tools, product advisors, online customizers, presentaions and many many more. World class companies like NOKIA, P&G, Samsung, General Motors and many others already use our services in this field and you are welcome to become our customer as well.


Corporate software solutions development and integration


Good corporate software should meet following qualities: be reliable, easy-customizable, scalable, easy-to-integrate, easy-to-learn,perform well and finally automate unnecessary actions to save human resources. We have experienced professionals who are able to meet these strict requirements, build out and integrate necessary functionality to any corporate ecosystem. No matter if you use Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM or any other solution - we’ll find a way to integrate all the tools you use.


Website mobilization


During last few years mobile platforms become more popular and many users start browsing the web by using smartphones and tablets. Small screen size dictates it’s own rules regarding website design and causes some difficulties even when developing website from scratch. Problems become even worse when therr is a need to optimize already existing website for huge variety of handheld devices and often result in creating whole thing from scratch. Here at Ansata Web Group we have developed approach that allows us to turn most of the existing websites into mobile-friendly without an extra hassle and we are ready to help with your website.


Ongoing support and content management


Usage of software and websites require constant attention and maintenance. Often it requires development of new in-company procedures and hiring new staff which is not so easy as it seems, establishing new processes is difficult and new people are expensive pleasure. Let us take care of these problems and help you to concentrate on your business instead of maintaining your website or corporate software.


Automation of business processes and content management


Everything that can be automated - should be automated. And our team of professionals can help you to automatize even complex segments of your business like documents turnaround, warehouse or clients management, etc.


Offshore outsourcing/outstaffing


Outstuffing and outsourcing are well known ways to cut costs and unfortunately lower product quality. We believe that such an opinion happens because of wrong outsourcing companies philosophy. In contrast to many others we have different policy. It is well known that IT professionals are in high demand today. On our opinion outsourcing should become an extra way to find experienced reliable professionals that are able to meet even most complicated quality needs. Contact our managers if you are in need of dedicated person or a team and have a problem finding the right candidates around you.