AWGCommerce - The best online solution for wholesalers

AWGCommerce is a first wholesale e-commerce platform specifically designed to simplify wholesaler-distrubutor cooperation. 

We provide wholesalers with tools helping their distributors to make orders bigger and more often.


What is AWGCommerce and how it should be used?

AWGCommerce is simply a website that manages orders from your distributors. 
It provides following benefits for your business:
    - Provides worldwide access to the detailed information about products and ability to order them 24/7
    - Makes cooperation with distributors simple and easy-to-understand
    - Makes easier to attract new distributors to your network
    - Automates routine to create and manage orders
    - Allows you to present products in a simple and effective manner
    - Makes large orders creation and processing easier
By using AWGCommerce you'll achieve following results:
    - Increase sales
    - Improve stability and quality customer relationships and service
    - Improve your company reputation among clients and distributors
    - Strengthen the market positions of your company
    - Reduce call-centerl load


Can AWGCommerce become useful for me?

AWGCommerce is designated to help companies matching one of the following criterias:
    - Producing goods and/or involved in wholesale trading
    - Working to build a network of distributors or already have one
    - Perform international sales
    - Use ERP software
    - Have large number of warehouses distributed geographically
    - Doing wholesale trading over the internet or planning to perform online sales
So if you match at least one point on the list AWGCommerce will become an important part of your business.


Main features of the AWGCommerce


ERP integration

AWGCommerce is designed to be seamlessly integrated with any existing ERP software used in day to day business operation


Comprehensive sales history

Specilized sales history acuumulation system allows to roll back and track any aspect of the sales done in the past


Tools for distributors

Distributor Dashboard and Shopping cart optimized for B2B sales were designed to match distributor needs and increase their satisfaction while working with wholesale traders


Advanced discounts management system

Basic discounts, quantity based discounts, targeted discounts, seasonal discounts and so on. Even most sophisticated discount system can be easily set up using AWGCommerce discounts configuration tools.


Integrated Marketing tools 

Cross Up Sales, Ultimate Product Search, Product decorator, Flyer Wizard. These marketing tools are designed to help wholesalers and their distributors at once.



Everything mentioned above is only a small part of our reach feature set.
Examine full list of AWGCommerce's extraordinary features below:
- Rich product presentation tools
- Powerful and intuitive user interface
- Users and Permissions management
- Extraordinary products management
- Well-designed products and categories management
- Built-In CMS
- ERP Integration
- Outstanding customer management system
- Extremely powerful quick and advanced search
- Internationalization support
- Centralized assets and settings control system
- Unique discounts and pricing control system
- Integrated marketing tools